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Since I was a little kid, I always dreamed of having an electric guitar, since I watched «Back To The Future», with Marty McFly playing «Johnny B. Goode» with that Gibson ES-345 (I know, WRONG!: The ES-345 was first produced in 1958…even that way, I loved it!) or after that, watching Jack Butler (Steve Vai) in Crossroads, in that Guitar Duel in the Hell…I LOVED guitars, electrics  especially, but wasn´t able to afford one because they were really expensive here in Spain and I was still a kid, so….
Ricky Rock N Roll
So many years wishing a guitar traumatized me without any doubt, and that´s why I´m quite obsessed with guitars, building, over more than 20 years, this considerable collection. Some are very rare pieces very hard to find, some have a big sentimental value to me, other represent an artist or band that I worship, and some are just excepcional instruments….  All of them mean something special to me, and that´s why they are still here.I love aiming , finding, dealing, buying, waiting for, adjust, clean, watch to and play guitars. They are my passion and my hobby, my pride and joy. And, as far as you (legally) can only have one wife….why can´t I have as many guitars as I want??? (thu my wife still doesn´t buy it everytime I get a new guitar).
As far as I´m always getting new guitars and renewing my collection, I keep the indispensable ones and go for new ones as my GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome) dictates, selling some of my loved babes. Unfortunately, I can´t keep them all (my wife is won´t let me use my kids´ room to hang more guitars on the wall…so selfish!!!)  so, I have to sell some of my guitars from time to time to finance buying new ones. Every goal requires a sacrifice!….
Tributes and SlashI hope you like the web, the Electric Guitars are grouped by brands, and clicking in each guitar you can see a in-deep review of that guitar, how did I get that guitar, what does that guitar mean to me, specs, trivia, etc .I´ll be updating all the reviews soon, some are old links and some guitars are not in the web yet.Every guitar in my web are part of my collection, if someone is not with me anymore, I´ll specify when updating.
Possibly, there will be always 2 or 3 new guitars to be updated on the web (I´m very lazy and working in the diamond mines is very hard and leaves almost no free time), so come back often, you´ll sure find new things, or just add my page on FACEBOOK in the link you´ll find all the way down and you´ll be informed of every new guitar that comes at home.
Ibanezssss WebHope you enjoy reading as much as I´ve enjoyed building this Web. Anything you need, questions, sugerences, etc, or if you are interested in making an offer for any of my guitars (some will never be sold, but some could go for the right offer at the right time, so I can get new ones without divorcing my wife) you can contact me by email at


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